A management team composed of scientists with complementary backgrounds and complementary experiences for:

• A personalized approach. Because your project is unique, we will supply you with personalized solutions by designing and performing studies that specifically meet your needs.

• One-to-one support. A single contact person will provide you with support throughout the lifetime of your project. We provide you with the expertise, dialogue and flexibility that are essential for driving your project forward in accordance with the deadlines.


Since our launch in 2004, we have acquired a solid experience and a proven track record to offer to our client:

• Continuous innovation: For our company it is essential to propose our clients new and improved assays on a regular basis. Each year we invest significant resources and efforts in developing new solutions. Innovation is driven internally and through collaborative networks.

• Quality: Major feature of our day-to-day activity. Detailed input from our Quality Assurance team allows us operate in accordance with all appropriate regulatory requirements.


As the European leader in providing services for the evaluation of gene therapy products,  GenoSafe is reliable partner on the long-term.