The Company


GenoSafe® is a full contract research organization which specializes in evaluating the quality, safety and efficacy of innovative biological products.

We meet our clients’ specific needs by performing custom studies in strict compliance with regulatory requirements.

GenoSafe is a Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Clinical Practices (GCP) compliant facility.

GenoSafe is eligible for the CIR (research tax credit). Our clients may include the R&D Services performed at GenoSafe in their own research tax credit calculation.


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GenoSafe SAS, a French “société par actions simplifiée” (simplified joint-stock company) registered under French law with its principal place of business at 1 rue de l’Internationale, BP40064, 91002 EVRY Cedex, FRANCE.

The company was incorporated in 2003 and has €650,000 in share capital.

Tax registration (VAT number) FR45449932474. Registration number 449 932 474 (Siret 449 932 474 00025).

The financial situation of GenoSafe has been rated “H3+” (very strong) by the “Banque de France”.